How SEO Tactics Can Improve Your Online Presence

SEO or search engine optimization is the web technique and activity by which a website is given a better page rank on search engine results. Actually SEO is an unpaid web activity however if you hire a SEO company India, it may offer you or advise you paid SEO packages also. SEO India is gaining grounds rapidly and SEO services India are much in demand now.

SEO is something which even school kids in India are fiddling with but business website promotion is no kid’s play. So if you are looking for some SEO push for your website, you better think of hiring a well established SEO firm India or SEO agency India with a blazing track record. SEO expertise is earned with a lot of practical hands on experience. No college degree or IT course can train you for SEO work.

You can say SEO services India is nothing but an Internet marketing strategy. An SEO company India tries to understand how a search engine like Google works, what technology it uses to select or discard a web content, how do net users search for content, what keywords do they normally use, which search engines do they mostly prefer etc. Based upon all this information and knowledge of search engine technologies, a SEO firm India proceeds to promote a client website. Some of the common tricks used by SEO India are as follows:

* Cross linking: SEO companies links different pages of same website to provide greater number of links to most important pages so that visibility of that page can be improved.

* Keyword research and analysis: This is very crucial aspect of SEO services India. Writing content which is frequently used in searched keyword phrases by web users, also adds to the visibility of a website. It involves finding out keywords which are most relevant and popular for the particular form of website. More relevant and popular the keywords used in content will be, the better will be the chances of page gaining traffic.

* Updating content: By frequently updating a website content, SEO Agency India causes the search engines crawlers and spiders to return back more frequently to the website as search engines are designed to give weightage to pro-active websites.

* Meta Data Keywords: Inserting relevant keywords in the site’s meta data, including the title tag and meta description, improves the relevancy of a website’s search listings which increases traffic.

* URL normalization: Another tool in the hand of SEO India professionals is URL normalization. It is a technique through which an SEO firm India modifies or standardizes URL into a normalized URL or canonical URL so that it is possible to verify if two syntactically dissimilar URLs may be of same website domain. By URL normalization, an SEO company India tries to reduce duplicate indexing of a website so that all versions of a website are counted towards the page’s link popularity score.

* Backlinks and inbound links: Another trick from the bouquet of SEO services India is building backlinks or inbound links for a website. Backlink or inbound links are created when one website links to some other website. The more are the backlinks into a site, the better its SEO score is.


SEM stands for Search engine marketing and it is a wider concept which includes both paid and unpaid SEO tactics. Unpaid or natural SEO tactics are known as organic Search engine optimization and paid or artificial Search engine optimization is known as inorganic SEO. SEO Services India may include both organic as well as inorganic SEO and it depends on the client which technique they want SEO firm India to employ. Organic SEO can have slow results and succeed in longer run. It is less expensive SEO method. The inorganic SEO tactics give instant results like high page rank and visibility but they may or may not be successful in the long run. Moreover inorganic SEO is much more expensive compared to organic SEO.

SEO Vs SMM ( Social Media Marketing)

SMM or Social Media Marketing is another tool that SEO India can use to promote your business website. An SEO agency India can launch social media presence of its client by creating its Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter account and post content and links which attract and divert Social media users to the website the SEO Company India is promoting.

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